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Corporate Farming

Birmingham Industries is the proud owner of 500 acres of agricultural land near to our associated Agricultural College in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India. We have several projects running within this acreage including arable and pastoral farming.

Agricultural practices are deep seated in the culture of this region and we are working hand in hand with local farmers who hold a wealth of knowledge on traditional farming practices. By enabling a  collaboration between farmers and students from the MIT College of Agriculture, we hope to develop sustainable practices that respect the land and that can be shared.

We are currently working with cattle and smaller ruminants like goats to evaluate their grazing patterns and their contribution to land fertility. Our livestock are well settled into the land and happily expanding their families; to the joy of our students, farmers and faculty.

As an organization we endorse sustainable practices and plan to devote some of our land to the afforestation efforts being undertaken nationwide. We are always on the look out for partners who share such values and who can assist with identifying the correct methods for afforestation and other such eco-friendly projects like renewable energy harnessing.

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