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Non Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice varieties are numerous, come in all different shapes and sizes and being very dynamic, have a wide range of applications. These varieties have higher amounts of amylopectin and grains may cling together when cooked, resulting in a stickier texture overall. 

Parboiling, a process in which rice within its husk is soaked, steamed and dried, can help to reduce such stickiness and provide a fluffier texture when rice is cooked. Parboiling can produce light golden colored grains and is known to produce rice higher in fiber and protein, whilst being less calorific. These types of rice are both quicker to cook and quicker to digest. 


Popular varieties of non-basmati include sona masoori, ponni, idly rice and broken rice. These non-basmati varieties are dynamic and ideal accompaniments for curries, porridge and in batters.

Packaging Type: Jute bag, PP bag, Non-woven bag or as per buyer's choice

Production Capacity: 2000 tons Per Week

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